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How do I book an artist for my event?
Call me to check on availability and I will add your event to my calendar and send out a contract by email. Once you send back a signed copy with your deposit, the date is secured. I can collect the balance at the event or you can prepay. I take cash or credit cards with SquareUp invoices I send.
What do Caricature Artists do?
We take your features and make them into a cartoon style, not like the ones of famous people or in political cartoons, but fun and flattering. It's you, but as a cartoon, like Disney would do if you were a character in the Lion King or Moana. A live job is usually in black marker and white paper, we can also do it in color if it's studio work and we can do color at a live job.We also spend a lot of time and practice to get a style that will get your features across in a cartoon shorthand. This isn't taught, you have to figure it out for yourself. All artists have to do this for themselves. We have to figure out how to put on color so that it works with shorthand, also. Then we have to learn how to do it on digital tablets with special software to do digital caricatures. We all have our own styles, so it's up to you which style you think will fit you.
Can you work outdoors? What do you wear?
Can you work outdoors? 
Sure, but please provide an area for me in the shade. If it’s a nighttime event, I will need access to a power outlet so I can hook up lights. 

What do you wear to events? What if I have a themed event? 
My standard dress for gigs is black slacks and white or black button-down shirt. I get gussied up for fancy stuff, usually black. For outdoor or more casual events, I like to wear jeans and a top. If your event requires a special outfit (Hawaiian shirts, cowboy attire, etc.), let me know and I will do my best to accommodate. If you have hats you want me to wear, I’ll give it a try.
Keys to hiring a great Caricature Artist
How do you know if a Caricature Artist is any good?
The answer is—experience and samples. 

First: experience. 
One great way to figure out which one you’re dealing with is to look at their track record. A good caricature artist will demonstrate a solid work history, have a list of clients and  be able to refer you to past clients who have hired them. 

Next: samples. 
You should be able to readily view multiple, real-world samples drawn by the artist. These sample caricatures should reflect the type of work the artist does in the situation for which you are hiring them. In other words, if you are hiring the artist to work from photos, view samples of their studio work.  If you are hiring a caricature artist to work at a live event, look for samples of the kind of work the artist would do in that situation, whether digital or paper.
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